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Have bath and wear clean washed clothes while visiting the Temple.
There is a stand for footwear, please make use of it.
Temple is a very sacred place and Visitors are requested and expected to dress appropriately.
Remaining patient, silent and mentally chanting "Saranam Ayyappa" pleases the Lord immensely.
Deposit your offering in the Hundi only.
Contact the committee members or officials to enquire about the Temple, Sevas or any other information.
Photography / Videography in side Temple are strictly prohibited
Keep your mobile in silent mode or switched off.
Devotees who are bound to observe impurity due to birth / death in the family or in any other manner ladies pregnant beyond 7 months and children aged below 6 months should not enter the Temple
Don't indulge in Smoking or consumption of alcohol, Paan, Gutka and similar tobacco products, it is strictly prohibited
Be patient and follow the Queue and wait for your turn to get Darshan.
Be courteous and respectful to the Staff and Volunteers, they are there to serve you.